Award & Scholarship Forms

Award & Scholarship Forms

In 1992, Marian Anderson, Region 1 Director, brought up the idea of a scholarship and at the Annual Meeting in May 1993 a resolution was passed that MPEA would sponsor a scholarship “for young people that would not only want to further their education but then work in Montana”. A committee was formed with one person from each region and a board member to create eligibility criteria requirements. In June 1995 after the diligent work of Marian Anderson and Nancy Harris the scholarship was presented to the membership at the annual meeting for consideration. The resolution passed.

The first selection committee made up of Nancy Harris (MSU-Billings, Region 1 Director), Robin Miotke (University of Montana), Larry Mackin (Labor-Kalispell) and Gil Walker (Labor-Billings) met in August 1996, reviewed applications and presented the first scholarship with monies allocated from Nationwide Insurance.

Later, MPEA and Nationwide Insurance each offered a $500 scholarship.

Today, both $1500 scholarships are offered by MPEA and have been named in memory of Marilyn Huestis, a staff member in Billings who was killed in an automobile accident while campaigning for legislature in 2000 and Mel Wojcik a staff member in Helena that lost his battle with cancer in July of 2000.

In 1987 MPEA established its first award for excellence in service to MPEA and its members.  Originally called the Dan Bukvich award in honor of long time MPEA board member Dan Bukvich who passed away on the operating table shortly after he left the board of directors.  In 1995 Betty Morey was added to the award to honor the MPEA staffer who was murdered in front of MPEA headquarters in 1994.  In honor of Dan Bukvich and Betty Morey this award recognizes MPEA members who have been nominated by their peers for outstanding service to their chapter and MPEA.