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January 2014 Newsletter

Jan 2014 Newsletter

3rd Montana Health Center

3-Sept8:00 amMDTGlendive MDT
3-Sept10:30 amDawson CollegeDawson Community College -UC 102
300 College Dr
3-Sept1:00 pmDawson CollegeDawson Community College -UC 102
300 College Dr
3-Sept7:00 pmSleep InnSleep Inn
Tongue River Room
1006 S Haynes Ave
Miles City
4-Sept9:00 amSleep InnSleep Inn
Tongue River Room
1006 S Haynes Ave
Miles City
4-Sept12:30 pmPine HillsPine Hills
4 N Hayes Ave
4-Sept2:15 pmPine HillsPine Hills
4 N Hayes Ave

July Newsletter

MPEA July Newsletter

Billings Health Center

Billings Health Center

April Newsletter

April Newsletter

MDT Update

MDT Negotiations

Mail ballots were sent July 2nd for the purpose of ratifying the 2013-2015 collective bargaining agreement.



Please notice that MDT has a new Field Representative, Raymond Berg.

He is planning to have meet and greets around the state in the near future. Presently he has visited Lewistown, Miles City, and Glendive MDT offices. Raymond would like to meet new leaders or have conversations with members interested in becoming more active. Please feel free to contact Raymond at the Helena Headquarters at 1-800-221-3468 or email him at to assist in scheduling upcoming meetings in your district.

March Leader

Legislative Leader March 2013

Health Screenings

Ready for a round of health screenings for state workers? Here’s the schedule!

Great Falls YTC

Great Falls Youth Transition Center Gets First Contract

The Great Falls Youth Transition Center ratified its “first ever” collective bargaining agreement June 7, according to MPEA Field Representative Bob Chatriand, principal negotiator.

This “first ever” contract provides for pay adjustments, a grievance process, working conditions and union security—the four corners to any good labor contract. This eight person chapter is part of the Department of Corrections.

Chatriand said one of the last issues to be settled involved wages. An unfair labor practice had been filed by another union challenging the department’s decision not to provide negotiated pay adjustments. That issue was resolved April 6 in favor of the union position and the new chapter had already come to agreement on the other major issues.

In a letter to department employees announcing the decision and the pay adjustments Corrections Director Mike Ferriter wrote “We can only hope that the 2013 legislature will fix the problems with the broadband pay plan by providing the funding to move employees to the 2010 market rate.”

Chapter members Tony Avanzo and David Clark worked with Chatriand at the bargaining table. The first negotiation session for this “first ever” contract was March 28, 2011.

Bullock Speaks at Convention

Bullock Warns of Potential To Go Backwards

This Election Critical for Public Employees

Steve Bullock, Montana’s Attorney General and candidate for Governor, was MPEA’s keynote speaker at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Speaking outside at Friday’s dinner gathering, Bullock started by warning:

  • There is the potential for us to go backwards.
  • They want to revise public employee rights and that amounts to eliminating collective bargaining.
  • They want to take our pension system and gut it.

He then emphasized that “it is up to us to make a difference. This is an election about what kind of place we want for ourselves and our children.” Bullock said he and his wife have three children 10,8 and 5 years-of-age.

“I’ve got no branding iron, but I will have a veto pen to oppose what they want to do to our state,” Bullock said.

He then advised that public employees take the time to talk with friends and family about the importance of this election.

“They will pour money into Montana elections. We can only out work them. Make sure you volunteer some. Get some bumper stickers and give some money,” Bullock suggested.

“No one has more riding on this election than those of us who work as public employees,” Bullock reminded.

Bullock  attended public schools in Helena and graduated from Helena High School in 1984. He received his undergraduate degree from Claremont McKenna College and his law degree with honors from Columbia University Law School in New York.

On June 29, law enforcement leaders from across the state announced their support for Bullock and his running mate John Walsh, who served in the Montana National Guard for over three decades, leading the organization since September 2008. He resigned as Adjutant General to run with Bullock.

The law enforcement leaders cited Bullock’s record on stopping DUI offenders, protecting children, combating prescription drug abuse and stopping sex offenders as their reasons for supporting Bullock.