Officer Elections

2013 Officer Elections


Butte Native Dan Dolan was elected to his third term as President of MPEA at this year’s Annual Meeting in Kalispell May18. Candidates for MPEA board positions who are nominated unopposed are considered elected.

Other MPEA members nominated unopposed and elected included: Pam Burgess-Hayes, first vice president; Kristine Milligan, second vice president; Sheryl Stinchfield, third vice president; Bob Silberling, fourth vice president; Crystal Murphy, secretary/treasurer; Region 4 Director Lisa Sheehan; and, Region 5 Director JW Robinson.

Dolan brings over 19 years of experience on the MPEA Board and over 30 years of experience in state government working for the Department of Labor and Industry.

Pam Burgess-Hayes is a member of the Missoula County Health Department staff and has been active on the MPEA Board for the last decade.

Kristine Milligan is a member of the Public Assistance staff in Great Falls. Milligan is a long-time MPEA member and public assistance worker with over 30 years of service in Cascade County. Milligan brings a knowledge of what occurs when there is a dramatic change in the economy, as well as, the impact on workers and those to be served when new computer systems are introduced that don’t work properly.

Sheryl Stinchfield, Billings, has many years of experience on both the MPEA Board and on EPIC, which is MPEA’s political action arm. Stinchfield works in the Yellowstone County Office of Public Assistance. She has also been active on labor/management committees that have been grappling with tremendously expanded workloads, underfunded personal services and flawed computer systems.

Fourth Vice President Bob Silberling has been a State Fund employee for many years and an active MPEA member for most of those years. Silberling has experienced the many changes State Fund has experienced in how it provides services and in its operational structure. He has also served as the Helena Regional Director.

Sheehan, Bozeman, retains her position as Region 4 Director. Sheehan is a member of the Bozeman School District Classified Employees Chapter. MPEA represents classified employees in a number of school districts and Sheehan brings a knowledge of the problems this group of workers encounters.

Murphy has been MPEA’s secretary/treasurer for over two decades. During that time she has held positions at State Fund, within DPHHS and recently with Lewis and Clark County.

Robinson will be serving his second term as the elected representative of Region 5, the Missoula area.

The Board also has Regional Directors representing the Billings, Great Falls and Helena areas. Nominations and elections for members in these positions are conducted in even numbered years.

DeeDee Baker represents the Billings region and works at the Department of Labor and Industry.

LeeAnne Gills, Great Falls, represents that region and is employed by the University of Montana, Great Falls.

Sara Loewen, Helena, a member of MPEA’s Office of Public Instruction Chapter , represents those in the Helena area.